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When replacing cushions, do I need to add inches to my insert for a premium look?

No, you don’t need additional inches to get a full luxury look.

Buy your cushions with Dacron wrapped foam to extend cushion life, it adds an additional inch all the way around and gives a sharp premium look to your cushion set.

Next step is to cover the cushion with a stay dry liner – it’s used for boat cushions to avoid deep moisture penetration.

                                                         great example is on our website.

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Is there a way to prevent errors in measurements?

Yes, absolutely!

Take photos of your furniture with the measuring tape on it
Later, going through the ordering process, no need to go back and measure again to ensure everything is accurate.
This is a bullet proof method, especially when you need to measure more then one piece of furniture.


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How to get the measurements right.


It is important to get it right the first time:

Using a flexible measuring tape (those grade school rulers are a bit unwieldy) you can measure either your current cushion or the furniture where the cushion will used.

Measure the total distance to the nearest 1/8th of an inch.The measurements we need are shown on the image on this page (usually length, width, and thickness).
We welcome any questions you have about taking measurements, and will gladly respond to your emails, with or without photos, to help you to stay on the right track.

Residents of Phoenix Metropolitan Area, are offered FREE measurement and delivery service upon request.

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