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Styles to consider for Replacement Cushions.

Replacing patio cushions is a great home improvement project: you select color of the fabric, density and type of the foam, cushion style etc.

Sunbrella fabrics have great patterns and colors to chose from but what about the style?

Double or single welting is inexpensive addition that makes your cushions look even better!

Images below represent two styles:


                                                                  Box, Double Welt


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Law Label

Law label is a MUST for all cushion manufacturers in USA.

 Can I request not to attach labels to my cushion set?

 Law label is part of the compliance. It just has to be attached to each cushion and pillow. When manufacturers skip stay dry liner to cover inserts, they have no choice but attach labels to the slip covers. But It doesn’t look sharp and you have to remove labels with caution in order not to cut fubrics.

If liner is used to cover inserts, label is attached to the liner – not visible at all!

You have to remove slip covers to find labels.


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